Metalmate® coating is applied by trained personnel at service centres so that the coating is completed in accordance with the best industrial practice. Once applied the coating is both durable and chemically inert, occasional rinsing over with aftercare re-stimulates the nano surface.

                 Technology at Work

How Nano molecules cause slippery surfaces

The nano molecules form on the surface of the polymer coating and serve as a kind of lubricant allowing water and contaminants to slip smoothly over the surface.

The molecules form a closely packed irregular network and quickly reform if they are disturbed.

aftercare rejuvenates the nano molecules if they are subjected to an over exposure to contaminants.

Additional Benefits

Unlike other treatments Metalmate Polymer coating is permanently bonded and with simple aftercare will remain active for the lifetime of the wheel.

Metalmate does not visibly deteriorate and never needs to be removed.

Soapy water is effective at cleaning making that new appearance easy to maintain.

Car washes do not damage the system.

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