The Problem With Alloys

The extra panache brought by Alloy wheels is threatened by constant attack from road salts, brake “dust” and grime.

The build up of these deposits makes it increasingly difficult to maintain the new appeal of the wheels and will lead to the corruption of the surface.

Car washes do not adequately remove the surface staining and arduous manual cleaning becomes necessary to restore the original finish.

The Solution

Developed to protect Alloy Wheels from road salts and brake “dust” - METALMATE®  provides a highly effective stick resistant barrier between the wheel surface and traffic contaminants.

The coating creates an easy clean finish for the simple upkeep of good looking wheels.

Why Metalmate

Metalmate has been developed specifically to protect Alloy Wheels and is backed by a six year guarantee.

Professional application and a twenty year proven track record gives customer peace of mind.

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